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5 Simple Study Hacks for University/College Students

Simple hacks to help you get better grade in Uni/college ~


1. Stay Organized by Using an Agenda

Have you ever completely forgotten about an assignment and you freaked out in class when your friends are handing it in? The way to avoid this is to jot down all your assignment due dates and test dates on your agenda. When your professor handed you a course outline or some sort of schedule in the beginning of the semester, you should go through it and put them in your agenda. Your agenda can be a physical one, the calendar on your phone or Google Calendar. With that in place, I guarantee you that you won’t miss any deadlines.


2. Put the Class Schedule on Your Phone Lock Screen/Home Screen

Don’t remember when your class is in the beginning of the semester? Simply use your timetable as your home screen or lock screen so you don’t need to login to your student account every time.


3. Keep Track of Your Grades

When your professors provide you with your grade breakdown in the beginning of the semester, you should create a spreadsheet for your courses in that semester.  In the spreadsheet, you will put in how much each assignment and test weight.  After you receive your grades for your assignments and tests, add them into the spreadsheet.  When it is almost time for you to write your final assignment or study for your final exam, you will know what grade you should achieve in your final assignment/exam to get your ideal grade.


4. Skim Readings

Cannot finish the readings that your professors assigned? If you do your readings word by word, you probably won’t be able to finish it or you will need to spend a lot of time on reading. One trick is to skim your reading. One of my professor told our class that he didn’t expect us to read the textbook word by word, we are supposed to read the titles, starting sentence and concluding sentence.


5. Activate Flight Mode to Stay Focused

Can’t help but keep going on your phone when you are supposed to focus and study? You want to stop yourself from going onto social media but don’t want to delete your social media apps on your phone? One simple way to stop this is to activate airplane mode on your phone. You don’t need to install any app on your phone. Just activate a function. That way, no one will be able to reach you through call, text, not to mention social media. Without the notifications and message pop-ups, you won’t be prompted to reply or click into them immediately. You also won’t be able to go on your social media when you are bored.

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