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9 Cool Items We Saw at #OOAKX17

The final weekend for this year Toronto’s One of a Kind Christmas Show is here! Here are our picks of 9 cool and unique items by Canadian artisans in this show:

Candi Factory (L29)

There are quite a few shops that sell garments but the unique graphic design of some of the Candi Factory’s undies caught our curious eyes. Who doesn’t want a Justin Trudeau undies? Sexiest undies ever for Justin Trudeau’s fans and supporters.  thecandifactory.com


Catherine Jeffery – Cityscapes in Oil (K26)

The atmospheric oil paintings by Catherine Jeffery is an eye opener to people who don’t normally see the beauty of the streets of Toronto and public transit. These paintings show how Toronto could have been look like if it exist during the Impressionism. catherinejeffreystudio.com


Route 401 (J37)

The name Route 401 suggested it has something to do with cars. No doubt! Route 401 specialized in making decorative items with Ontario license plates. This might be the place for those who like motorized vehicles to check out. Other than license plate art, they also make other Canadian made apparel goods. canadianmade.co


Sylvain Tremblay (I54)

One of the many veterans in the One of a Kind show, Tremblay pepper mills are fine examples of functional art and design. I simply cannot stop looking at these beautiful pepper mills in awe. peppermilltremblay.com


Morin Choinière (G10)

This year marked their 27th year participating in One of a Kind Show, Morin Choinière is proud of their original decorative functional products. It is hard to believe they are a close to 30 years old company when looking at their trendy decor items. morinchoiniere.com


MTLDecor (I03)

A complete opposite of functional design, MTLDecor’s wall sculptures are fun and cool to look at. These little guys’ sole purpose of existence is pretty much to cheer you up or acting as a conversation starter by restlessly climbing up or diving off your wall. Great gift for a climbing enthusiast too! mtl-decor.com


Tin House Designs (X03)

The entire booth of Tin House Designs was filled with different sizes of reclaimed ceiling tins dated from the 1800s. The idea came to Tyler Kilkenny about 7 years ago when him and his siblings were clearing out the general store once owned by his great grandfather. They each took a piece of the ceiling tins from the building as a memorabilia. Tyler later framed and hung up the ceiling piece as an art work in his house. Friends and family soon want an art piece just like that and now everyone including me wants one. tinhousedesigns.ca


Resource Bin (P38)

New this year, Resource Bin is an Toronto artisan who make use of reclaimed material to create functional products. Resource Bin sells glasses made out of reclaimed glass bottles and furniture made out of discarded industrial parts. I was told, the seemingly simple process of cutting and sandblasting the beer and alcohol bottles were only painstakingly refined after quite a few fails. resourcebin.ca


Chaiwala (H52)

Last but not least, hands down the most chill and welcoming booth we had visited. I was not a chai person at all, never like chai tea in all honesty but they successfully used their awesome energy to talk me into sampling a little of their chai tea. I must admit, this was probably the tastiest chai I ever had. They told me they are a small business making everything in-house in North York, Toronto and their tea is secretly sold in most of the well known cafes in downtown. Nice! chaiwalachai.com


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