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Art Exhibitions in April 2018

It is quite chilly to be outside still this April, you have an hour or two before dinner or you have a random day off, why not visit an art gallery? Early Spring (and any time) is the best time to look at some artworks! The followings are some of the art exhibitions happening in Toronto and the GTA area right now.


Rene Marcil

Painting and drawing by Rene Marcil

Date: Apr 1 – 30

Hours & Location: Nikola Rukaj Gallery

384 Eglinton Ave. W, Toronto, Canada M5N 1A2





Land / Water / Sky

Members of the Scarborough Museum Youth Collective present photographic works that reflect their connection to the land, water and sky. Youth created their pieces in art workshops led by Wyandot Artist/Mentor and FaithKeeper Catherine Tammaro.

Date & Time: Apr 1 – Aug 30

Hours & Location: Scarborough Museum

1007 Brimley Rd, Scarborough, ON M1P 3E8, Canada



Social Realism:

Life and Work in Eastern Canada

Social Realism: Life and work in Eastern Canada focuses on art about the life and labour of the working people from the era of the Great Depression up until the 1980’s.

Date & Time: Mar 21 – Apr 21. Tue to Sat, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. Sun & Mon by appointment or by chance.

More info & Location: Canadian Fine Arts (CFA)

88 Scollard, Toronto, Ontario M5R 1G2





Stellar Baby

You are born with the boundless potential of all things, the potential to be all those things at once. Nothing is finite. Yours is a universe of possibilities; the whole universe is a possibility. You’re a star, baby. You’re all the stars. 
In her new series of work, Sandra Smirle uses video, photo, paper cutting and sculpture to continue exploring notions of seeing and being seen.

Date: Mar 31 – Apr 22

Hours & Location: Loop Gallery

1273 Dundas W, Toronto, Ontario M6J 1X8





The Perpetuation of Memory

loop Gallery is proud to present The Perpetuation of Memory, a new exhibition by Linda Heffernan. Continuing her practice of working with open source satellite imagery, and her preoccupation with the impact humans have on the natural world, Heffernan in this exhibition uses contemporary Google Earth images to recreate a series of First World War battle sites.

Date: Mar 31 – Apr 22

Hours & Location: Loop Gallery

1273 Dundas W, Toronto, Ontario M6J 1X8






Contemporary works by Barbara Astman, Beatrice di Girolamo, Miles Gertler, Nan Goldin, Roxanne Lowit, Frank Mädler, Andrés Marroquín, Brendon McNaughton, Sondra Meszaros, Lori Newdick, Leopold Plotek, Gina Rorai, Tomio Seike, Ryoko Suzuki, Sharon Switzer, and  David Urban.

Date: Mar 30 – Apr 21

Hours & Location: Corkin Gallery

7 Tank House, Toronto, Ontario M5A 3C4


Edge of Chaos

Corkin Gallery is pleased to present Edge of Chaos, a solo exhibition by Sharon Switzer. Edge of Chaos includes semi-generative videos and still images that Switzer created “in collaboration with” her computer. Each moment in the work is the result of a choice between many options for creating and transforming individual particles – each of which has an effect on how the algorithms function.

Date: Oct 28, 17 – Apr 21, 18

Hours & Location: Corkin Gallery

7 Tank House, Toronto, Ontario M5A 3C4


Toronto Letter –
A Concise Colour Bar Survey 1966-2017

Paul Petro Contemporary Art is pleased to present Toronto Letter, a concise survey of work by senior Canadian artist Michael Morris. With paintings, works on paper, prints and video, the exhibition traces the formal motif of the colour bar and its chromatic variants, through five decades of the artist’s work.

Date: Mar 30 – Apr 28

Hours & Location: Paul Petro Contemporary Art

980 Queen W, Toronto, Ontario M6J 1H1





One Arm in Each Sleeve

Paul Petro Contemporary Art is pleased to present new paintings by Berlin-based Canadian artist Julie Beugin. The artist will also be launching a small edition artist’s book of her photo-collages.

Date: Mar 30 – Apr 28

Hours & Location: Paul Petro Contemporary Art

980 Queen W, Toronto, Ontario M6J 1H1








Circuit Gallery is pleased to present Accumulations, a solo exhibition of new work by Mexican artist Alejandro Cartagena. Accumulations is a contemplation on and response to his acclaimed Suburbia Mexicana, a long-term documentary project, rooted in the artist’s own experience living and working in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey.

Date: Mar 29 – Apr 21

Hours & Location: Circuit Gallery @ Prefix ICA

401 Richmond St. W, #124, Toronto, ON, M6R 2G5



Towards Eternal Glory

The Red Head Gallery is pleased to present Towards eternal glory, an exhibition by artist, Gillian Iles.
It all started with the pictures of the North Korea’s missile program and their attempts to develop ICBM’s. For all the horror the missiles represented they were also visually beautiful. The sublime nature of power holds us in its spell.

Date: Mar 29 – Apr 21

Hours & Location: Red Head Gallery

401 Richmond St. W, #115, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8




Israeli Faces of Toronto

Israeli Faces of Toronto is a visual exhibition celebrating Israel’s rich and diverse culture on its 70th Independence anniversary through the faces of Israeli newcomers. Photographer Liora Kogan collaborated with Lee Mes of UJA Federation, and Liraz Rot Rolnitsky of MNJCC and together they have skillfully captured each family portrait in their own home giving us insight into their lifestyle and unique interpretation of Israeli-Canadian living as well as the cultural mosaic which they create together.

Date: Mar 29 – Apr 26

Hours & Location: Gallery, Miles Nadal JCC

750 Spadina, Toronto, Ontario M5S 2J2



The Beast in Me

Coldstream Fine Art is pleased to present The Beast in Me, an exhibition of new work by Toronto based painter Laura Thipphawong and her second show with the gallery. Informed by the late 19th century Symbolist movement, psychoanalytic theory and magical realism, Thipphawong’s surreal landscapes take the viewer through hallucinatory scenes peppered with evocative images drawn from nature and myth.

Date: Mar 29 – Apr 28

Hours & Location: Coldstream Fine Art

80 Spadina Ave., Suite 208, Toronto, ON M5V 2J4





Cave Paintings Now

Drawing from various examples of his work, Scott Lyall continues to investigate links between technologies of the image and aesthetic experience. The exhibition’s title is tongue-in-cheek. Mimicking the marketing of contemporary art (including Thames and Hudson’s recent publication, Painting Now, which contains a reproduction of Lyall’s work) it also points to texts by Andre Leroi-Gourhan, the celebrated 20th Century anthropologist.

Date: Mar 29 – May 5

Hours & Location: Susan Hobbs Gallery

401 Richmond St. W, Suite 124, Toronto, ON, M6R 2G5





Forest Watch

Phyllis Gordon began her forest watch in the lush Haliburton Highlands where she spent several months immersed in the forest drawing trees, from early spring growth to late summer fullness. The following season Canadian forests were burning early, particularly in Saskatchewan, jolting her to a different and more urgent watch. Gordon started learning about fires and began drawing and carving fire images into wood. This led to a sense of pilgrimage to seek out the aftermath of fires and to record dead trees and empty ground.

Date: Mar 28 – Apr 15. Artist Talk – Sunday, April 8, 2 pm.

Hours & Location: Propeller Gallery

30 Abell Street, Toronto, ON M6J 0A9





At Play/Action!

Dominique Prevost and Sharon Dembo’s exciting explorations on paper. A playful, process-based exhibition, full of colours, textures and shapes; using watercolour, ink, printmaking, collage, and encaustic monotype on a variety of papers.

Date: Mar 28 – Apr 15.

Artist Talk – Sunday, April 8 and 15, 2 pm.

Reception – Saturday, April 7, 2 – 5 pm.

Hours & Location: Propeller Gallery

30 Abell Street, Toronto, ON M6J 0A9



In Reasonable Shape

New Paintings & Watercolours by Tom Forrestall

Date: Mar 24 – Apr 14

Hours & Location: Mira Godard Gallery

22 Hazelton, Toronto, Ontario M5R 2E2




To Kiss the Lip of the Horizon

Paintings by Jacob Robert Whibley

Date: Mar 29 – Apr 21

Hours & Location: Zalucky Contemporary

3044 Dundas W, Toronto, Ontario M6P 1Z3







The Intelligent Woman’s Guide
to Atomic Radiation

Drawings by Meaghan Hyckie

Date: Mar 24 – Apr 21

Hours & Location: Olga Korper Gallery

17 Morrow Ave., Toronto, Ontario M6R 2H9





Conclusions and Transfers / Conclusions and Transpositions

The Christopher Cutts Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Ron Martin, executed in the late 1960s and the early 2000s. It is remarkable to state this is the gallery’s 19th solo exhibition of Martin’s work.

Date: Mar 24 – Apr 21

Hours & Location: Christopher Cutts Gallery

21 Morrow Ave., Toronto, Ontario M6R 2H9



Mood Lighting

This new body of work is a continuation of Cynthia Dinan-Mitchell’s surrealist botanical inspiration. The hand-painted screenprints reference the vanitas theme, where vegetables, flowers, ribbons, skulls and birds tumble together in compositions as heterogeneous as they are harmonious.

Date: Mar 23 – Apr 21

Hours & Location: Open Studio Gallery

401 Richmond W #104, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1L7






Rebecca Cowan is a printmaker, book artist and arts educator based in Kingston, Ontario. Over the course of her career, Cowan has explored how the ongoing conflict between security and freedom contributes to inner strength and psychological resilience. In this recent series of monotypes, Cowan considers the roles parents, friends, mentors and siblings take in sheltering us from an ever-changing world.

Date: Mar 23 – Apr 21

Hours & Location: Open Studio Gallery

401 Richmond W #104, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1L7





Group Exhibition: Revisiting the Landscape

The artists in this group exhibition examine notions of the landscape in printmaking, using expressive forms of imagery, challenging traditional constructs. Artists: Brian Kelley, Jane LowBeer, and Vincent Sheridan.

Date: Mar 23 – Apr 21

Hours & Location: Open Studio Gallery

401 Richmond W #104, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1L7







Communicating Vessels

Communicating Vessels is a newly commissioned work consisting of writing, video and photography produced in collaboration between Annie MacDonell and Maïder Fortuné. Following the premise that water will always find its level, the term Communicating Vessels describes the way liquid moves between conjoined containers: gravity and pressure conspire to keep the surfaces aligned, pulling the shared liquid back and forth until the separate vessels come into balance.

Date: Mar 23 – Apr 28. Artist talk – Friday, Apr 13, 3 – 5 pm

Hours & Location: Gallery 44

401 Richmond W #120, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8


Enchanted Forest Presence

A play on the name of the NATO operation “Enhanced Forward Presence” which currently stations Canadian troops in Latvia along the Russian border, Enchanted Forest Presence documents the complicated networks and effects of globalized Western military strategies.
Zile Liepins is a documentary photographer and multi-media visual artist living in Toronto.

Date: Mar 23 – Apr 28

Hours & Location: Gallery 44

401 Richmond W #120, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8


The Architecture of Care

Exhibition spanning across three galleries in Parkdale: The Feminist Art Gallery (FAG), The Public Studio, and Margin of Eras Gallery. Artists include Yan Wen Chang, Kristina Guison, Tzazná Miranda Leal, Mani Mazinani, José Andrés Mora, and Diana VanderMeulen.

Date: Mar 22 – Apr 20

Hours & Location:

Feminist Art Gallery 25 Seaforth Ave. The Public Gallery  58 Lansdowne Ave. Margin of Eras Gallery 1684 Queen St. W



Featuring Artist Jin Zuo and Corno
R E L A T I O N S H I P S  investigates themes of complicated human connection. It is an intimate, multifaceted exploration of the human relationship with oneself as well as others, encouraging reflection and questioning personal sense of belonging.

Date: Mar 23 – Apr 21

Hours & Location: C9 Art Gallery

7 Sultan, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1L6






This spring, artist and novelist Douglas Coupland will transform the Vancouver Aquarium into a vision of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Date: Mar 22 – Apr 28

Hours & Location: Daniel Faria Gallery

188 St Helens, Toronto, Ontario




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