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Best parks to see fall foliage in Toronto

Fall is a great time to be outside when the blazing sun has calmed down and mild breeze lets you enjoy a walk in a park without a sweat. Toronto is full of places for us to see the gracious fall foliage, here are the best parks to enjoy the beautiful fall colours (from East to West end of Toronto):

Rouge Park
Rouge Park offers trails that are pretty much as rural as you can get within Toronto. This Park will make you feel like you are somewhere far away. Make sure to wear good hiking shoes for trails that could bring you on unpaved path and submerge yourself in a forest full of colours.

Chill up on Morningside

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Morningside Park
Not only will you be able to see lots of maple trees in this park but you will get to enjoy the huge outdoor space this park offers. Afterall, this is the largest city park in Toronto. Play sports in the large field, have a picnic or enjoy some quiet time by the creek, the choice is yours and yours only.

Sunnybrook Park
Sunnybrook Park has gorgeous winding road lined with fall foilage. The park trail is paved and non-sloped. It has plenty of space for picnic and sports, it is also where Sunnybrook Stables is located, bonus for horse lovers.

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G Ross Lord Park
G Ross Lord Park often gets overlook as a park to visit due to the size and relatively difficult to find  the parking lot. The paved winding trails in the park has slight up and down hill parts with trees lining on both side. This park is one of the few parks in Toronto that makes you feel like you are not in Toronto yet it helps to zoom out for the better positives which we all need.

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High Park
High Park is well-known for its cherry blossoms in the spring, but no one would argue how beautiful High Park in the Fall. High Park has a variety of towering trees throughout the park providing a diverse fall foliage.

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