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DIY Edible Valentine’s Day Bouquet Ideas

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Those of you creative people who want to impress your valentine this year and have procrastinated, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered! Here are some last minutes do it yourself edible Valentine’s Day bouquet (or broquet) ideas:


Veggie Bouquet

For that veggies lover in your life! Not only it is colourful and cheerful, it might also inspire the chef in you and your valentine to cook a romantic dinner together.


Fruit Bouquet

Similar to a veggie bouquet, fruits make a beautiful arrangement for your valentine. It is also perfect for a romantic chocolate or cheese fondue night in!

. I gathered some information for you about what produce is in season in November as fruits &veggies taste better when you buy it in season. 🍏 . I hope you will use this knowledges to make healthier choices and please don’t forget to like this post as that’s the only feedback I get from you 🙂💚 . Here is a list of tasty things grow in colder weather, you can find all of it in your local grocery store and add a burst of flavor to your Thanksgiving menu: . ✅ Apples – so many colors and kinds are available now..🍏 . ✅Pears are turning soft and juicy! 🍐 . ✅Pomegranates – you can add some to your salad too! ❤️ . ✅Kiwi fruit – did you know they grow in California? 🥝 . ✅Persimmons – I’m thinking about plant those at our property 👩🏻‍🌾 . ✅Cranberries – you can’t go wrong with them! Smoothies, salads, pies, homemade cranberry juice and sauces..mmm! 🥗 . ✅Beets – I know, not very popular but so good for you! ✨ . ✅Brussels sprouts – next week the whole plant with a stem will be available at local stores ⚡️ . ✅Turnip – try it! Can make a feat and healthy snack 💥 . ✅Rutabaga – if you haven’t try this Veggie it’s right time for it! 🍠 . ✅Bok choy – delicious and healthy. 🌱 . ✅Artichoke – the king of veggies and so beautiful too.. 🌱🌱🌱 . Include those vitamins powerhouses into your shopping list and enjoy the natural flavors 💚

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Snack Bouquet

If vegetables and fruits seem too healthy, how does a bunch of snack bouquet sound? This is perfect for a Netflix night in.

Fancy a bouquet of potato chips? 🍡

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Food Bouquet

If none of the above bouquet idea seem to work for your valentine’s appetite, hopefully one of the following food bouquets would work! (Note: These bouquets may require advanced planning and maybe difficult to carry around!)

Donut Bouquets for Valentine's Day? Now we're talking!

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We are providing you the best quality service with extraordinary bouquets concept.💐 . . Bouquet yang isinya UNIK dari yang lain karena bunganya bisa kamu makan loh! Yaps, bukan kertas bukan plastik tapi daging asli. Jadi ga sayang buang uang tapi beli barang yang ga bisa dimakan 😃 Daging bisa milih : -Pork🐖 -Beef 🐄 Ukuran : mini / jumbo (3x lipat lebih besar dari ukuran mini dan lebih tebal) . . Pemesanan H-0 ( dibuat saat kamu pesan, transfer pagi, dikirim siang/ sore, max waktu transfer 4 jam sebelum waktu pengiriman. Misal transfer jam 7 pagi, barang dikirim jam 11. Pengiriman SEBELUM PUKUL 17.00, lewat dari itu tidak bisa ) . . . Pricelist bisa langsung chat di dm / whatsapp ya. #bouquetmurah #buketwisuda #bouquetwisuda #bouquetultah #hadiahultah #bungaultah #bouquetbandung #buketbandung #buketdaging #bouquetdaging #baconbouquet #beefbouquet #buketunik #kadoultahunik #kadounik #giftunik #bouquetmurahbanget #bouquetcustom #bouquetsnack #bouquetbandungkota #bouquetbisamakan #bouquetpakaireceh #ecarlatebouquet

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We hope these inspirations will inspire you to make the perfect bouquet that fit you and your loved one’s style.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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