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Easy Vegetables and Herbs to grow this Season

As healthy eating become an increasingly popular lifestyle choice, growing your own vegetables and herbs is a great way to get the freshest ingredients for your next dish. The followings are some of the easiest to grow vegetables and herbs you should try to grow even if you think you may lack a green thumb!



There are many different varieties of mint plant out there, but doesn’t matter what types of mint you’ve got a hold of, they are all super resilient in most conditions. Mint is pretty much consider a type of weed in many gardeners’ books, go figure!



Tomato is a super popular vegetable to grow and it is often recommended for gardening beginners. Believe it or not, you can grow them from most grocery brought tomatoes scraps. All you have to do is take some seeds out when you are prepping your meal, toss those seeds in a big container of soil or a sunny spot in your garden bed, cover with some soil, water it and watch it spout in about 2-3 weeks.


Green Onions

Those green onion ends that are often toss away are all you need to start your green onions container garden! You can keep them in water or soil at a sunny corner of your house, expect it to grow within days and ready to be use in your next dish.


Hot Pepper

For all you spicy food lovers, growing your own hot pepper supplies is a natural choice. Like Tomatoes and green onion, you can make use of kitchen scrap by taking hot pepper seeds from grocery bought hot peppers and start them in a small pot. Transfer it to bigger pot once it starts to have maturing leaves and watch it grow and flower within months. Note that hot peppers plants like ample of sunlight so a reasonably bright window or a sunny garden bed is recommended.



Think about all the grilled zucchini you can have during those summer BBQs! What’s good about zucchini is that, similar to tomatoes and sweet peppers, it is possible to zucchini in containers. It really doesn’t take up as much space as some gardeners think. Just make sure you plant 3 or more zucchini plants in close proximity to each other because the flowers need to be pollinated in order to form viable fruits.


The above are just 5 of the many easy to grow vegetables and herbs that are good for a beginner to start with. Hope this list can interest you to tryout your yet to discover green thumbs this growing season!

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