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PUMA Warehouse Sale 2017

We went to this PUMA warehouse sale yesterday. As usual for the first day of a sale, we got into long lineup at the door and at the check out. You might ask, “Worth the wait?”. It really depends on what you need to add to your wardrobe. We found that their polo tees and cotton tees are at great price for $14.99 each. I got some comfy loosely fit men’s t-shirt as lounge wear. If you love Ferrari, they have great quality t-shirts and hats ($12.99). They have quite a lot of Arsenal football (soccer) team wears if you are a fan of them. For the ladies, they have tops that are also $14.99. Other great buy items: shoes at $49.99, backpacks at $24.99 and gym bags at $29.99.

I went to an ADIDAS warehouse sale before and this PUMA one has less selections comparing to that. Not sure is it because they wanna save some for the other days, some of the tables are quite empty. For the sizes, mostly medium for the guys and small for the ladies. Also, not all of the items are at it’s lowest price. I have seen better price for some of them at the outlets. As all sales are final, make sure you ask about the price they punch in at the cashier. They are pretty sloppy on that and I just realized they charged me for the hat I got as a golf hat ($14.99). How bad of a feeling when you think you gonna save a lot by shopping at a warehouse sale……

Note: Try not to wear/bring PUMA products in as they will ask and inspect if you do. Not that you will not be allow in, just you will need to hold on to a slip to prove that you passed the security check, or you will be charged for the PUMA items you are wearing.


PUMA Warehouse Sale 2017

Date: Oct 5 – 9, 2017

The International Centre
6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1E8

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