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The Umbra Store

Umbra, a modern home décor design and manufacture company based in Toronto, which earned a couple of dozen design awards along the way to become a well-known company with offices and retail stores around the world. I love their design and they never disappointed me.

Umbra flagship store located in downtown Toronto at the Queen West District (Queen St. W. and John St.), where you can easily find stylish well designed stores. I love being in this area once in a while to indulge myself in this chic cityscape to get design inspiration, of course, the Umbra store is a must visit store!

I haven’t visited it for a while and all the new products wowed me! I love love love rose gold, happy to see this colour on some of their products.

Back then, they have the signature GARBO trash can, now they have this gorgeous trash can made with wood.  😍  CUBIST is another favourite piece of mine. Love that they put wood into their designs and they look pretty trendy.

If your wall look too empty, at Umbra, you can find different style of photo gallery to dress the wall. There are also functional items like wall hooks and clocks to choose from. I really like the playful design of the BUDDY and HANDY HOOK!  I couldn’t bring all of their lovely products home, but the BUDDY HOOKS!


The Umbra Store

Address: 165 John St, Toronto, ON M5T 1X3




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