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Toronto Urban Park – Berczy Park – Doggy Fountain

Yet another super hot day and probably the last day in this year. For those who wanna embrace the hot weather with a little splash, Berczy Park might be a great place to visit!

It’s a newly renovated public park reopened this spring in downtown Toronto near the St. Lawrence Market. The main focus of this urban park is the two tiers fountain with so many dog sculptures and one and only cat sculpture. I personally like cats more than dogs, but I still very happy to see this adorable doggy fountain! As my interpretation to the story behind this fountain is all the dogs are stretching their neck up, staring and chasing after that nicely showcased bone on the top tier of the fountain. The only cat, however, has no interest to the bone that she chooses to sway her face away from it! 😄 This fountain really can put a smile on people’s face! Especially kids, they love to pet the dogs and sit on them for so long until their parent become impatient.

If you love dogs and you don’t own one, you can come to this park to see and pet some real dogs as dog owners bring them here for a walk. I love being in this park to relax, listen to the splashing sound of the fountain and watch the furry friends strolling by…… 😌


Berczy Park

Address: 35 Wellington St. E.

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