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Urban Hiking in Toronto – A Photographic Hiking Guide – Don Trail (Part 1 of 3)

Summer might be over, but hiking is something we can do throughout the year. Each and every season Mother Nature offers hikers a different hiking experience. Remember, there’s no better time to get outside and appreciate the outdoors than now!

Toronto has many hiking trails that enable Torontonians to escape their busy lives right within the city. When I am hiking on these trails I’m often amazed by the feeling of traveling somewhere far away, and I want to share this joy with you.

In this on-going series, “Urban Hiking in Toronto – A Photographic Hiking Guide”, I would like to show you these scenic escapes in Toronto that are normally underappreciated. There’s no need to drive or walk far. They are literally reachable within footsteps! Naturally, some trails are more popular than others, some are among the best kept secrets in TO, but there’s always a hiking trail for that special inner hiker in your heart. I hope this photo series will inspire you to put on your hiking shoes and get outside!


Welcome to the Don Trail Photographic Hiking Guide!

The Don Trail is probably the most well-known trail in Toronto because it literally runs through the centre of Toronto along the Don River and part of the Don Valley Parkway. It is beautiful throughout the year and the fall colour of the Don Valley is always something many residents look forward to after summer ends.

In this 3 part photo guide, I want to share with you the scenery you may come across along the Don Trail the next time you are out there.


Ernest Thompson Seton Park to Lower Don Trail

Beginning at Ernest Thompson Seton Park, the park trail runs along the Don River, connects to the Lower Don Trail to the southwest as well as Massey Creek / Taylor Creek Trail to the east.  The following photos were taken during an afternoon walk over a year ago. The fall colour was pretty much peaking, half of the leaves had fallen. It was rather quiet because of the slightly chilly and overcast weather, but this can be a plus for those of us that love to have the trail all to ourselves. Earnest Thompson Seton Park is a big city park that runs south of Eglinton and Leslie and west of Don Mills Road. The foot traffic was sparse on the day I was there, for the park trail is more popular with cyclists as it is fully paved and some parts of it run on the park road. If you are someone like me who has a liking to bridges, be it to admire at or to walk on, this trail well fits the bill. We spent much of the day taking photos and our day of hiking ended before sunset by the Elevated Wetlands (those three “elephants liked sculptures” that can be seen along the DVP).

The map at the bottom of this page shows approximately where I took the photos. Hopefully this photo hiking guide can act as a rough reference for your next day out.

<To be Continue… Part 2 of 3 coming soon!>

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